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From Highways to Roads, from Bridges to Tunnels and Railways, and from Power to Renewable & Hydroelectric Power – the new-age infrastructure development requires a new set of special capabilities. At Rodic, we are fully equipped with such capabilities and also remain engaged in continuously upgrading the same. Our focus is on ensuring that we remain relevant and impactful by continuously augmenting these capabilities.



We build too many walls and not enough bridges,” said Isaac Newton. RODIC believes in the philosophy of connecting people and communities. We are proudly associated with many government agencies and enable them to uplift India’s infrastructural capabilities by providing services for the development of mega/special Bridges on major rivers of the country. RODIC’s experienced design and supervision team provide cost-effective solutions to the most complex problems.



Tunnels are one of the most challenging civil engineering structures. Designing, executing and managing these structures provide enriching experiences for all associated with the project. RODIC’s tunnel design team deals with complex terrain and geological mapping and uses top-class design platforms that set us apart.



RODIC’s vast network of highways across India and beyond convert even the harshest into accessible areas, facilitating social and economic upliftment amongst the remotest communities. Our expertise and state-of-the-art technology are paving the way for the future of highway building.



Inland waterways have been integral to trade for centuries and continue to be essential in large-scale cargo shipping. RODIC provides complete project management solutions for the development of modern and sustainable inland waterways transport systems, including services such as market research, environmental feasibility, and strategic studies.




The pulse of India’s transportation, rails and metros accelerate the growing pace of modern life. Rodic’s contribution begins right from their conceptualisation stage through reviewing design and drawings to supervision and monitoring of heavy urban and sub-urban projects and metro projects.



RODIC has constantly striven to innovate and design better models of infrastructure, to improve the quality of life for citizens. We tackle urban challenges to transform cities and regions by partnering with various government and private stakeholders. Retaining these cities’ cultural and heritage assets while reducing our carbon footprint are the key drivers for such developments.



In the years to come, natural and sustainable sources of energy will be paramount to the sustenance of human life. Keeping this in mind, RODIC’s involvement in the generation of clean energy through hydro, solar, and wind projects has been undertaken to conserve the environment and control harmful carbon emissions.



The emergent, yet immense hydroelectric potential in the country has propelled our foray into this segment through two projects at Parnai and Kalnai in the Poonch and Doda districts of Jammu and Kashmir. We are providing the necessary intensive attention to detail, through design review, construction supervision and comprehensive contract management services to these projects.



We have forayed into this domain with our first investment in a 6MW windmill project in Madhya Pradesh. We are handling the project, which marks our diversification into assets based business while targeting long-term stable cash flows, on turnkey basis on EPC mode. We have acquired the most versatile and high-end windmill machines available in the global market for the execution of the project. We are now exploring more investment opportunities for utilization of these machines, which are best suited for low wind speed areas.



To enable different transportation systems in a city to co-exist and work cohesively, it is essential to create Multimodal Transport and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) to offer seamless travel experience to commuters and to improve their quality of life. Our experts at RODIC, can cover all aspects of ITS for all transportation modes and relevant infrastructure.



Rodic Consultants Pvt. Ltd., one of the premier engineering and project management consultancy provides professional consulting services in the following major areas of Multimodal transport areas:


  • Transportation Planning
  • Transit Planning
  • Freight Planning & Operations
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Traffic Simulation
  • Intelligent Transportation System








Rodic Consultants Pvt. Ltd. offers a full range of water and environmental consulting engineering services covering:

  • Urban and rural water supply – storage, treatment and distribution
  • Wastewater collection and treatment
  • Storm water management
  • Water Resources Engineering & Management
  • Irrigation

Our services cover the full project lifecycle from planning, hydraulic modelling and design, DPRs, construction and operation agreements, bidding documents and commissioning plans to project management, construction supervision, operations management, specialist IT systems and capacity building.

We are fully committed to building a stronger water sector to provide better service to water users.









Digital technologies can unveil a new world of possibilities in social change and upliftment, and this is the intent of the Rodic Trusts’ Digital Transformation portfolio.


Digital technologies are an integral part of developmental planning as they help leverage higher levels of efficiency from limited resources and thus deliver greater scale and impact on the ground. Technologies such as data analytics can enable informed planning decisions and help focus developmental efforts where they are most needed. Both national and local-level programmers led by intelligent data could result in improved outcomes, while aiding in measuring, monitoring, and improving all aspects of development, including infrastructure, education, health care, livelihood and human welfare.


The digital world also opens up new improvement prospects for communities from economically weaker sections. Armed with digital skills, people can bridge the knowledge gap, and be empowered — for instance, by gaining information about government welfare schemes, developing market linkages for their products, learning about new livelihood opportunities and improving the quality of life.



Integrated consultancy services, strategized to the unique needs of clients across segments and markets pan India, are the hallmark of Rodic’s value proposition. Using the latest, state-of-the-art construction technology, we ensure on-time delivery of quality projects, mapped on operational and cost efficiencies of the highest level. Close collaboration with clients, contractors and vendors, backed by technical support provided by domain experts and a de-centralized decision-making system, enables adherence to the highest standards benchmarked to global canons. This equips us to drive excellence across our business value chain, and enable value accretion for our customers.



  • Transaction Advisory
  • Bid Process Management
  • Demand Analysis

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  • Construction Supervision
  • Owners’ Engineer
  • Independent Engineer

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  • Sustainability
  • Growing Responsibly
  • Other Initiatives

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