The various professional services we provide under Multimodal transport are:

Transportation Planning 

  • Traffic Impact Studies (TIS)
  • Travel Demand Forecasting
  • Peer review of traffic studies
  • Corridor feasibility study
  • Major Investment Studies
  • Parking survey and Parking Studies
  • Site access management and access studies
  • Traffic impact fee
  • Traffic calming and Mitigations
  • Accident analysis and Mitigations

Transit Planning & Freight Planning

  • Transit Corridor Selection
  • Feasibility Study
  • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
  • Light Rail Transit (LRT)
  • Inventory of Transit Corridor
  • Traffic Simulation (3D)
  • Truck/Freight travel demand forecast
  • Intermodal Station and Major Investment Studies
  • Port and Airport Access and Freight Operations

Traffic Engineering & Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

  • Traffic Operations Analysis
  • Signal Synchronization
  • Signal Design
  • Travel Time and Delay Studies
  • Speed Studies
  • Intersection Delay Studies
  • Variable Message Signs
  • Speed Radar
  • Automatic Traffic Counters
  • Traffic Management Centre
  • Safety & Security Aspects using ITS (Boarder Security)
  • Advanced Traffic Signal Systems
  • Implementing ITS for Infrastructures

Research & Education

  • Workshops (Transportation Field)
  • Research (Transportation Field)
  • Transportation/Traffic Engineering Related Software*

*At Rodic we use the most advanced transportation /traffic engineering software for all our projects, including traffic simulation.