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engineering review services

Engineering Review Services: What, How, and Why

Design is a crucial phase of the construction process. It is here that a construction idea is given shape and structure on paper. But, before it reaches the construction phase, it goes through an engineering review to determine its functionality, feasibility, longevity, purpose, and predict its impa...
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smart city development

5 Major Factors that Catapults the Need for Smart City Development

Cities have been evolving ever since its inception. From household and sanitation to infrastructure and electricity, every city goes through the break-and-make cycle, of de-engineering and engineering in a pursuit to provide a more advanced lifestyle comprising of sufficient resource availability, f...
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How Civil Consultancy Companies are Blending Both to Create Sustainability

Environment and Infrastructure: How Civil Consultancy Companies are Blending Both to Create Sustainability

Deforestation, carbon emission, extensive use of fossil fuels, inadequate waste management, and a general lack of awareness and responsibility towards the environment have led to prolonged and alarming conditions of global warming and pollution. To bring all aspects of the environment into balance a...
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infrastructure advisory

7 Ways in Which Infrastructure Advisory Service Consultants in India Make Way for Economic Growth

Although the PPP (Public-Private Partnership) model has been exercised in India for a long time, it got official on a much larger scale after 2006. The intensified interdependence between the public and private sectors to boost economic growth via the development of the country’s infrastructure ha...
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tunnel contruction

Ancient, Complex and Necessary: Here’s How a Tunnel is Constructed

Whether freight or commuters, terrain poses a massive challenge in the transportation of both. Apart from bridges, tunnels offer a feasible solution. Constructed first by the Egyptians and the Babylonians about 4000 years ago to establish a connection between the royal palace and a temple, the first...
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Project Management

The 6 Pillars of Project Management that Boasts its Necessity in any Economic Infrastructure

Apart from innovation and strikingly unique designs, economic infrastructure bears a huge responsibility towards the people who will be using it in their daily lives. Proper execution of construction of a highway, a bridge, a railway route, etc, offers durability that further strengthens and guarant...
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Rodic is proud to be the Technical Partner for Himachal Pradesh Kaushal Vikas Nigam Limited (HPKVN, Shimla) under National Mission for Skill Development

Rodic is proud to contribute with its Quality Assurance expertise, to Himachal Pradesh Kaushal Vikas Nigam Limited (HPKVN) under National Mission for Skill Development drive. As a technical partner, we will ensure Quality compliance on Civil Construction for their 24 sites bifurcated as 6 City Livel...
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