Commit to Green Earth, Rodic Receives Certificate of Appreciation from EWRI

Every drop of water fills up the ocean. Every minuscule effort contributes to the ocean of accomplishment. Here, at Rodic we are proud to have made a difference to our environment by recycling e-waste. Rodic has successfully recycled 173 kgs of e-waste comprising old monitors, printers, computers etc and met our commitment towards ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system. We believe that this drop of our effort will surely create a ripple effect and inspire others in the industry. Electronic waste (e-waste) typically includes discarded computer monitors, motherboards, mobile phones and chargers, compact discs, headphones, television sets, air conditioners, and refrigerators. According to UN report, only 20 percent of e-waste is recycled. At Rodic, we are proud to be a part of that 20 percent towards making a difference. The electronic waste contains potentially harmful components such as lead, cadmium, beryllium, or brominated flame retardants and hazardous components such as lead and mercury which are very harmful to the environment and health. In our effort to reduce damage to the environment and ensure public health, we are doing our bit. We believe in creating benchmarks and setting an example to the world with our baby-step efforts.